Shop our House!

This past May of 2012 Husband and I finally decided it was time to stop putting off what we really want to do in exchange for time to be lazy doing absolutely nothing worth remembering. For the past decade I’ve dreamt of opening an Etsy shop where I could share my ability to shop for and rehabilitate vintage findings. I put it off in favor of getting a real job, then to take care of a sick family member, then to have more time to devote to 4 debilitating years of severe depression (sick, I know).

Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that life is much too short to devote so little of it to the things I’m truly passionate about. Shopping for vintage oddities is my passion. It makes me happy and I realized that the only life worth living is one that you can be proud of. This shop is my fourth born (after the dog and two cats, of course). I would carry wallet photos of it in my pocket book if I could. Pride and joy.

Come show our House a little love…

Please, come visit our Etsy shop. Add it to your favorites. Like it on Facebook. Follow it on Instagram. Show it some love <3. It will love you back with advance notice of sales, exclusive coupon codes and occasional sneak peeks of items before they’re listed. See something you like? Wish we’d paint it and save it for your home? Let us know before it goes public! We rely heavily on public feedback. Is there something you wish we had more of? Let us know.

Now, enough blah blah, let’s see the goods:

Click image to pay a visit to our Etsy shop!

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