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We've recently decided to learn to love who we are, where we are and stop the endless cycle of negativity and "grass is always greener" syndrome. Welcome to our little experiment.

House of Frickenstein Giveaway Hosted by The Framed Lady!

We’ve partnered up with The Framed Lady in a knob giveaway! Want your shot at free Frickenstein knobs? Click below for your chance to win a set of four vintage knobs in your choice of color! Don’t want to wait? … Continue reading

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Loving The “Love Wall”

A few months back The Husband and I thought it might be a good time to beautify our home. We started with what has since been dubbed “The Love Wall.” The main hallway in our home, before decor, could best … Continue reading

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Office Overhaul Part I

So, here at “Maison Frickenstein” we have a guest suite (completed this past winter), our bedroom (to be addressed at a later time) and a miscellaneous room. At one time we thought it would make a good walk-in closet/dressing room … Continue reading

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“Dare Ka Eigo-o Hanaseru Hito Wa Imasu Ka?” (Does Anyone Speak English?)

Did you know? Japan is effing freezing this time of year! Perfect weather for a business trip, right? Yeah, nuh-uh. At least it’s a beautiful country. Here’s proof: They landscape the office buildings. Bet it’s lovely when it’s not in … Continue reading

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Dang, Spring Is How Many Weeks Away?!

Yo, spring! Hurry up already! The Husband and I took advantage of my being home sick this week to spruce up the nest a little. Changed the livingroom drapes from cozy cool toned fall/winterness to the cheerful spring/summer version. I … Continue reading

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Douglas Phinnius Fricke

This is Douglas. Doug or Dougie to his friends. His favorite pastimes include chewing plastic, eating, bird watching and terrorizing his big sister, Magenta Vampira. Doug left his furry family and came to live with us a couple of summers … Continue reading

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Hefty & Handsome

My family comes from Cherokee, NC. Whenever Sean and I visit, our vacation always seems to include a big family dinner at the local Bob’s Big Boy. It was during one of these dinners that Sean fell in love with … Continue reading

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