Office Overhaul Part I

So, here at “Maison Frickenstein” we have a guest suite (completed this past winter), our bedroom (to be addressed at a later time) and a miscellaneous room. At one time we thought it would make a good walk-in closet/dressing room for the both of us, then another guest room. Currently I’m thinking duel office/craft room. There’s already a built in desk and shelves on one side of the room.


The drawer and cabinets are randomly colored cream and harvest gold. I’m thinking this whole unit, excluding the dark wood laminate desktop, shall be pale pink drawers with white surrounds. The dark wood desk against the opposite wall, grey. The ugly brown carpet, gone. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim (color to be determined) and a new light fixture are definitely necessary. Along with some decluttering and a solution to a husband’s closet (it’s much more functional without doors but hideous all the same), maybe with handmade curtains in a saturated hue to compliment the tbd paint? Either way, this room will be my focus for the next few weekends. I can’t wait to get elbow deep in home.

About The Frickensteins

We've recently decided to learn to love who we are, where we are and stop the endless cycle of negativity and "grass is always greener" syndrome. Welcome to our little experiment.
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