“Dare Ka Eigo-o Hanaseru Hito Wa Imasu Ka?” (Does Anyone Speak English?)

Did you know? Japan is effing freezing this time of year! Perfect weather for a business trip, right? Yeah, nuh-uh.
At least it’s a beautiful country. Here’s proof:


They landscape the office buildings. Bet it’s lovely when it’s not in hibernation.

Everyone bikes. There are bike parking lots like this one everywhere. Everywhere. And all the bikes are always perfectly aligned. Always. Even in a bicycle graveyard I saw once from the train. rows upon rows of rusted bikes. I long for the day that Americans take this much pride in their own country.

All food items look as lovely as they taste.

And wherever you look there is something to see (but the explanation will probably be in Japanese so don’t ask me what, who or why cuz I promise I probably won’t know).

Afterall, this was mostly my view in Japan: dinner. Beer purchased from a vending machine (yes, beer for yen is automated) sushi from either 7-11 or some small shop whose name I’d never be able to pronounce and some little sweet to cure my homesick heart, like this chocolate pudding walnut brownie mochi thing I still have dirty dreams about.
Japan, I’ll miss your mystery foods, your plentiful alcohol, your too-pretty-to-eat everything, your people who are so polite and kind, but I will not miss your snow, ice slicked sidewalks or your train delay announcements which are only in Japanese. Domo arigatou gozaimasu for the experience. ❤

About The Frickensteins

We've recently decided to learn to love who we are, where we are and stop the endless cycle of negativity and "grass is always greener" syndrome. Welcome to our little experiment.
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