Douglas Phinnius Fricke

DouglasThis is Douglas. Doug or Dougie to his friends. His favorite pastimes include chewing plastic, eating, bird watching and terrorizing his big sister, Magenta Vampira. Doug left his furry family and came to live with us a couple of summers ago. We love him. Everyone loves Doug. He cuddles, talks all the time and plays fetch. Definitely a people’s cat. He loathes being outdoors and at 16.5 lbs is possibly outgrowing our little home. If it does come down to it, we’ll get rid of the furniture and sit, sleep, and find comfort in nuzzling in Dougie’s furry pink belly.

About The Frickensteins

We've recently decided to learn to love who we are, where we are and stop the endless cycle of negativity and "grass is always greener" syndrome. Welcome to our little experiment.
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4 Responses to Douglas Phinnius Fricke

  1. Emily-Claire says:

    Oh Douglas, you are adorable! I love your name too!

  2. SLEE says:

    I love me some Doug.

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